• What is the difference between borosilicate glass and quartz?

    There are many differences between borosilicate glass and quartz, either pure- or synthetic-fused silica types. The main differences are the percentage of compounds and the percentage of silica or SiO2 in the glass. Borosilicate is usually in the 80% range, while quartz is over 99%. Quartz is also capable of handling much higher temperatures up to […]

  • Quartz Glass

    Quartz glass optical windows are resistant against high temperature and pressure and can be applied mainly in such fields as special light sources, optical instrument, optical electronics, military equipment, metallurgy, semi-conductor, and optical communications. Their experimental temperature is 1200 degrees and softening temperature 1730 degrees. Detailed parameters are given as follows: 1.JGS1( Extreme UV optical […]


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