• Why choose Aohong gauge glass?

    Why choose Aohong gauge glass? High working pressure. Our thick wall sight glass is designed for high pressure environment. It can work in pressure as high as 500 bars. High working temperature.  The gauge glass made of borosilicate and quartz glass material is suitable to high working temperature. The borosilicate gauge glass highest working temperature […]

  • Round & square glass

    The borosilicate round glass is produced according to the international standard DIN7080.Operating temperature is 280 degrees Celsius.In addition to the standard DIN size, other sizes can be customized.

  • Plain Gauge Glass

    The other manufacturing technique is made of High Borosilicate sheet of 17mm thickness, cut the glass sheet according the detailed size and polish the side face for the smooth.This manufacturing technique glass is very clear,but the goods cost is higher.

  • Reflex gauge glass used in boiler

    Reflex gauge glass, also called reflex sight glass, reflex level gauge glass, boiler glass and reflex level gauge. The material of reflex sight glass is usually borosilicate glass and aluminosilicate glass. Our reflex gauge glass is polishing and tough. Reflex gauge glass has high mechanical strength and high resistance to alkali and acid characteristics. Another important factor of the boiler glass is transparency.
    Reflex gauge glass is used to read the liquid level directly by eyes or industrial television. With the grooves, the reflex gauge glass has a few grooves which can make the level clearer and easier to be read.


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