• What is the difference between borosilicate glass and quartz?

    There are many differences between borosilicate glass and quartz, either pure- or synthetic-fused silica types. The main differences are the percentage of compounds and the percentage of silica or SiO2 in the glass. Borosilicate is usually in the 80% range, while quartz is over 99%. Quartz is also capable of handling much higher temperatures up to […]

  • Where to buy glass tubes near me?

    Where to buy glass tubes——Hengshui Aohong Special Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides you with various types of glass tube custom processing. The materials are classified into borosilicate glass tubes and glass rods, quartz glass tubes and glass rods. At the same time, glass tubes and glass rods can be further processed, such as cutting, burning, […]


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