How to improve the yield of tempered glass

Tempered glass is seen everywhere in our daily life, using more and more widely. The production of tempered glass glass processing enterprises are also increasing, how to effectively improve the yield of tempered glass, which is all the glass deep processing enterprises have been concerned about the problem.

In order to improve the yield of tempered glass, we must do the following:

First, the glass must be in front of the grinding edge. The quality of glass grinding edge plays a decisive role in the rate of steel products. Glass in the cutting, the edge will leave a very small, very fine cracks, the naked eye almost invisible. The role of the grinding edge has two, one is beautiful, two is not easy to break in the tempering, improve the yield of tempered glass.

How to improve the yield of tempered glass

Two, adjust the process parameters of tempering. Tempering process parameters are mainly heating temperature, heating time tempering cooling wind pressure time and tempering cooling time. Tempering temperature and heating time is inversely proportional, the higher the temperature is relatively speaking, the shorter the heating time. However, we are tempered 12mm above the thick glass, if the furnace temperature is too high, it is easy to blast furnace inside the furnace. Of course, many reasons for the explosion of the furnace, the furnace temperature is the main reason for setting too high. It is recommended that the temperature of the furnace is set at about 665 degrees, and the heating time can be prolonged when the glass is tempered by 12mm. After determining the temperature need to choose a reasonable heating time, in general, the heating time per mm in about 40 seconds. But in the layout of the large glass tempered the need to increase 10% of the heating time, heating time will increase 10% in drilling, tempered glass poaching. Dialectical grasp of heating time and heating temperature is very important, but also to improve the rate of tempered glass key.

Three, the importance of uniform glass heating. Glass is actually a cube, there are 4 sides of the 6 sides. On the two surface of the glass heating is relatively slow, big layout in toughened glass, the glass in the middle of the heating often slow, sometimes tempered out of the glass will form a pot shaped (especially near the large square layout, glass) which is due to edge heating too fast, the middle of the slow heating that is, after the completion of heating, edge of the glass temperature is much higher than that of the glass in the middle temperature. To large layout of the glass is heated evenly, it is best to set the temperature of the furnace into a heating curve (horizontal) in the middle of the temperature is higher than the set temperature of 10 degrees, the temperature of the edge of 10 degrees below the set temperature. This toughened out of the glass both the whole degree of particle size and uniform.

Four, punch, poaching glass. Generally speaking, the need to pay attention to a few points of tempered glass, need to pay attention to:

1, the aperture is greater than or equal to the thickness of the glass;

2, the distance from the edge of the hole is more than two times the thickness of the glass;

Two, the distance between the 3 holes, the distance between the hole and the hole is greater than two times the thickness of the glass. If you can not reach this requirement and must punch, you can take the approach to solve the problem of slotting. Cut a small opening between the edge of the glass and the hole without affecting the use and beauty. This is the best solution to solve the problem which does not meet the requirements of drilling and must be punched.


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