Glass tube &  rod

The materials are classified into borosilicate glass tubes and glass rods, quartz glass tubes and glass rods.

At the same time, glass tubes and glass rods can be further processed, such as cutting, burning, bending, closing, grinding, and other processing according to customer’s special requirements.

Glass tube &  rod


High borosilicate 3.3 glass test tube

The use of borosilicate glass ranges from small kitchen utensils to laboratory glass, and even high quality products for implantable medical devices and devices for space exploration.

Dimensions: Outer diameter 8-400mm, wall thickness: 0.8-12mm, length: 1500 mm.

Glass tube &  rod

Quartz glass tube

The advantages of quartz glass tube are high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation, and can transmit ultraviolet and infrared rays. Widely used in semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical, electric light source, optical communication, medical equipment, scientific instruments and other fields.
Glass tube, rod

Dimensions: outer diameter: 3-400mm, wall thickness: 0.7–10.0mm, maximum length 3000mm.

Glass tube &  rod

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