Glass level bubble

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1, cylindrical glass level bubble

Product Description: The cylinder has a standard bubble at one end, high definition transparency, and the size and accuracy can be customized according to the user. High-precision glass long blisters, highly transparent, with a shelf life of five years, can rotate around the 0,0′ axis to maintain accuracy, angle values from 60’/2mm-2″ /2mm products are widely used in theodolites, spirits, compasses, electronics Weighing, total station and other photoelectric instruments.

Use object: The product is widely used in machinery, machine tool equipment, aerospace, marine instrumentation, theodolite, level, compass, electronic scale, total station and other photoelectric instruments.

Diameter: 6-18mm, sensitivity: 2-10 seconds, accept custom processing.

Glass level bubble

ModeldiameterLength (without tip)Total lengthSensitivity

Glass level bubble

2, universal glass level bubble

Material: Boron.

Liquid color: green, red, transparent.

Accept custom processing.

AH-411241mm12mm6 s
AH-411251mm12mm6 s
AH-150715mm7mm10 s

3, curved glass level bubble

ModeldiameterLength (without tip)SensitivityBending radius
Accept custom processing
Glass level bubble

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