• Fireproof Glass

    Fire Resistant Glass for Building, Door, or Fire Place Fire resistance glass/fireproof glass/fire rated glass adopt special process to promote the heat stability performance of float glass and could classify different grades in 45min to 90min range according the time against to fire and heat attack. Then this could stop the spread of fire and […]

  • How to reflex level gauges work

    Reflex level gauges are designed to detect the difference in refractive indices of vapor and liquid and level detection and can be used in a number of process applications.

  • Other

    1. Modeling 2, Decorating

  • Drilling

    Our facility utilizes diamond tipped drill bits, which have been known for their ability to cut holes perfectly. With a (+/-) 0.25mm tolerance, our superior machinery can cut through materials that are up to 20mm in thickness.

  • Tempering

    Make use of the method of chemistry or physics. Reinforced glass pressure resistance, temperature strain capacity, impact, etc. Physics Tempering By heating the glass to extreme temperatures and then accelerating the cooling process, the glass`s material properties are enhanced, making it up to 5x stronger and safer than untreated glass. Chemical Tempering By changing the […]

  • Cutting

    Process on glass raw material, according to different technical specifications, we will adopt some treatments to complete the final products. Cutting, edge grinding, drilling, washing, etc., they are all named “Cold Machining”.

  • Grinding & Polishing

    By using the method of chemistry or physics, remove lines, scratches and other defects  on the surface of the glass, improve the transparency and the refractive index. 1) Fire polishing, with high temperature soften the glass, work out some lines on surface. 2) Polishing powder, by high-speed chafing. 3) CNC glass polishing machines, get accurate […]


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