Characteristics of toughened glass and semi tempered glass

(a) the difference between tempered glass and semi tempered glass

Annealed glass by high temperature and quenching occurred dramatic changes in its internal and external molecular structure, thus forming a strong compressive stress with the surface, with a uniform strong Zhang Yingli inside, so that the mechanical strength of glass increases several times, the glass is tempered glass. Semi tempered glass processing principle and toughened the same, only mechanical the strength is lower than that of tempered glass.

The surface stress of toughened glass is: 69-168Mpa

The surface stress of semi tempered glass is: 24-69Mpa

(b) the characteristics of tempered and semi tempered glass

Characteristics of toughened glass and semi tempered glass

1 tempered glass

A. security: after the collapse of a broken small particles obtuse, will not cause significant harm to the human body.

B. high strength: is generally 4 times the strength of ordinary glass and above.

C. deflection: 3 to 4 times more than ordinary glass. Such as: 6*1200*350 (mm) of the glass, the deflection of up to 100mm. The bending strength of tempered glass of 6mm is up to 1700kg/cm2.

D. thermal stability: tempered glass has good thermal stability. Tempered glass can withstand the temperature difference is 2.5 to 3 times the annealing glass, the maximum use temperature is close to 300. For the building should be considered in the environment of cold and heat, sunlight, indoor and outdoor shading, heating or air-conditioning heat shock, etc..

2 semi tempered glass

Some parts in the construction of the installation of the glass is not related to personal safety, also need to install the glass to increase the intensity of wind pressure and hail suppression ability, but there is hope once the glass deformation rupture when not all broken glass or as small as possible. These parts can be installed semi tempered glass. The strength of semi tempered glass is 2 times more than that of annealed glass. But when the rupture is larger, and the annealing glass is similar, can not be used as safe glass. The bending degree and deflection of semi tempered glass are smaller than tempered glass, and its thermal stability is obviously better than that of annealed glass.


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