• Characteristics of toughened glass and semi tempered glass

    Some parts in the construction of the installation of the glass is not related to personal safety, also need to install the glass to increase the intensity of wind pressure and hail suppression ability, but there is hope once the glass deformation rupture when not all broken glass or as small as possible.

  • What is the difference between borosilicate glass and quartz?

    There are many differences between borosilicate glass and quartz, either pure- or synthetic-fused silica types. The main differences are the percentage of compounds and the percentage of silica or SiO2 in the glass. Borosilicate is usually in the 80% range, while quartz is over 99%. Quartz is also capable of handling much higher temperatures up to […]

  • Why choose Aohong gauge glass?

    Why choose Aohong gauge glass? High working pressure. Our thick wall sight glass is designed for high pressure environment. It can work in pressure as high as 500 bars. High working temperature.  The gauge glass made of borosilicate and quartz glass material is suitable to high working temperature. The borosilicate gauge glass highest working temperature […]

  • Aluminosilicate Glass

    A small, but important type of glass, aluminosilicate, contains 20% aluminium oxide (alumina-Al2O3) often including calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and boric oxide in relatively small amounts, but with only very small amounts of soda or potash. It is able to withstand high temperatures and thermal shock and is typically used in combustion tubes, gauge glasses […]

  • Soda-lime Glass

    Soda-lime glass, also called soda-lime-silica glass, is the most prevalent type of glass, used for windowpanes, and glass containers (bottles and jars) for beverages, food, and some commodity items. Glass bakeware is often made of tempered soda-lime glass. HSAH Technologies can provide custom fabrication and thin film coating of a wide selection of soda-lime float […]

  • Where to buy glass tubes near me?

    Where to buy glass tubes——Hengshui Aohong Special Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides you with various types of glass tube custom processing. The materials are classified into borosilicate glass tubes and glass rods, quartz glass tubes and glass rods. At the same time, glass tubes and glass rods can be further processed, such as cutting, burning, […]

  • Why is a water level indicator used in a boiler?

    Two type of gauge glass.They are   Reflex type Gauge Glass and  Tubeler/Tube type Gauge Glass.

  • What is a Gasket? How many types of gaskets are used in industry?

    In industry, a Gasket is sealing material placed between connecting flanges to create a static seal, which will maintain the leakage proof sealing in all operating conditions.

  • Quartz Glass

    Quartz glass optical windows are resistant against high temperature and pressure and can be applied mainly in such fields as special light sources, optical instrument, optical electronics, military equipment, metallurgy, semi-conductor, and optical communications. Their experimental temperature is 1200 degrees and softening temperature 1730 degrees. Detailed parameters are given as follows: 1.JGS1( Extreme UV optical […]

  • Fireproof Glass

    Fire Resistant Glass for Building, Door, or Fire Place Fire resistance glass/fireproof glass/fire rated glass adopt special process to promote the heat stability performance of float glass and could classify different grades in 45min to 90min range according the time against to fire and heat attack. Then this could stop the spread of fire and […]

  • How to reflex level gauges work

    Reflex level gauges are designed to detect the difference in refractive indices of vapor and liquid and level detection and can be used in a number of process applications.

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