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Hengshui Aohong Special Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to producing, developing and selling all kinds of glass products with more than 20 years of experience. Equipped with the most advanced production equipment and the most complete testing instruments, more than 40 professional engineers and technicians. At the same time, the company has its own marketing department, nearly 10 years of overseas export business, so that employees for different countries and regions of glass products requirements, a more comprehensive understanding, more skilled operation, better service.

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  • 05 2019-08
    Characteristics of toughened glass and semi tempered glass

    Some parts in the construction of the installation of the glass is not related to personal safety, also need to install the glass to increase the intensity of wind pressure and hail suppression ability, but there is hope once the glass deformation rupture when not all broken glass or as small as possible.

  • 16 2019-07
    What is the difference between borosilicate glass and quartz?

    There are many differences between borosilicate glass and quartz, either pure- or synthetic-fused silica types. The main differences are the percentage of compounds and the percentage of silica or SiO2 in the glass. Borosilicate is usually in the 80% range, while quartz is over 99%. Quartz is also capable of handling much higher temperatures up to […]

  • 03 2019-07
    Why choose Aohong gauge glass?

    Why choose Aohong gauge glass? High working pressure. Our thick wall sight glass is designed for high pressure environment. It can work in pressure as high as 500 bars. High working temperature.  The gauge glass made of borosilicate and quartz glass material is suitable to high working temperature. The borosilicate gauge glass highest working temperature […]

  • 24 2019-06
    Aluminosilicate Glass

    A small, but important type of glass, aluminosilicate, contains 20% aluminium oxide (alumina-Al2O3) often including calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and boric oxide in relatively small amounts, but with only very small amounts of soda or potash. It is able to withstand high temperatures and thermal shock and is typically used in combustion tubes, gauge glasses […]


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